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Manually adding a license (Brandeis-specific)

So it's the middle of the night and the network license server goes down, but you're still trying to record. How can you add the Brandeis standalone license?

  1. Get the license information from Brandeis (account needed): https://sites.google.com/a/brandeis.edu/matlab/off-campus-computers
  2. Get the HostID from your computer following these instructions
  3. As a safety procaution, you may want to save a backup of the current license files before removing them. In this scenario, renaming the files to 'license.dat.bak' or 'network.lic.bak' should be acceptable. Additionally, when browing through the MathWorks website to create the manual license files, you should confirm that you're clicking 'Activate' from within the license that is labeled "TAH Designed Computer" (under the Activation Type field). This license has already been added to your account via the Activation Key you provided.
  4. From this help document, complete only the section entitled "Activating through the License Center"
  5. When you have your new license.dat file, put it in $MATLABAPPLICATION/etc/ folder